Our company designs and builds underground and above ground pools of high quality and elegance suitable to be inserted in any landscape context. We use the best filtration systems to ensure perfect water balance. Our pools are built in compliance with current regulations, in terms of circulation and water filtration. We take care of the swimming pool at 360 °, making use of the collaboration of companies specialized in their sector, from excavation, to construction works, to paving, coating, finishing and waterproofing of the pool … nothing will be left to chance.

The choice is yours to make the pool … we are committed to doing it perfectly!


The pool cover market is constantly evolving, several European companies have specialized in designing and building, automatic swimming pool coverage systems that incredibly enhance your pool and go beyond your imagination. Our company has gained a particular experience in the supply and installation of these technologically advanced roofs, supplying and laying coverings for swimming pools of all kinds, collaborating with the best European producers.


Made of robust materials, with easy sliding systems, manual or automatic, completely cover your pool, keeping it clean and heated. Maximum absolute safety, against accidental fall into the pool. They will allow you to use your pool even in the warmer months. It adapts to new and existing pools but only rectangular.


This type of coverage is the maximum expression of elegance combined with minimal aesthetic impact. The key words are: aesthetics, energy saving, safety, easy maintenance. Your swimming pool will be more usable during the year, and upon your arrival at home, with a simple gesture, comfortably seated on your sofa, even from your smartphone, as if by magic the pool will be discovered.


This particular type of roofing was born with the main prerogariva to put your swimming pool in maximum safety. In fact, they exceed by far the standards of the other roofs, remaining however an elegant system with a low aesthetic impact and a high technological level. It is composed of a cloth that is pulled by a system of pulleys that run in a hidden rail in the wall or floor of the pool, hermetically covers the body of water. We have installed some roofs of this type and the customers have been impressed above all by the stability, aesthetics, safety and great practicality, in fact it is practically impossible that the dirt will overtake the cloth and end up in the pool. It adapts to new and existing pools but only rectangular.


The bar cover with PVC sheet has three fundamental aspects: innovation, safety and economy. Made of a simple structure of aluminum bars connected to each other by a reinforced PVC membrane resistant to the weight of an adult. Ask us for a quote without obligation to cover your pool, we will do a free inspection and the installation will be free, spending little will have an unexpected result. It adapts to new and existing pools.


They are particular covers floating on the water surface completely covering the surface. They have the function of maintaining the temperature of the water accumulated with the heat of the day sun or if present with the help of heating. They also prevent dirt from entering the pool. It adapts to new and existing pools of any shape.


The classic roofs needed to spend the winter without having to compromise the pool water, fixed with ballast or with elastic cords and eyelets. To prevent the accumulation of water on the surface of the roof, we supply pumps draining cloth, or we place a central drainage grid.


The filtration system is the hidden heart of your pool, it depends on the correct functioning of the water circulation, the biological chemical equilibrium. A quality system, sized according to the rules for public swimming pools, will easily keep the water clean, transparent and 100% swimming even in your private pool. We use the best filtration systems that the market offers, we install rolled filters with manual or automatic selector filters, containing filter materials of different types, inert sandy, glassy, diatoms and even more.


A small wellness reserve to be placed inside the house, on the terrace or by the pool, with multiple hydro jets, heated, illuminated, equipped with chromotherapy and aroma therapy. Supply and installation of whirlpool tubs of various kinds, size and price, equipped with appropriate coverage, you just plug the power supply and fill it with water, the rest will think the automatic management of temperature recirculation, filtration and lighting.

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